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Jul 17, 2010 11:35pm EDT
on the maryland governor's race. martin o'malley was touting new jobs in baltimore. the company's ceo says he plans to vote for o'malley, giving the governor high marks for helping his business grow. >> we have made tough decisions as a people and state to safeguard our children's future and expand opportunities. >> the race is heating up. real clear politics calls it a dead heat. >> where are you miss stepping? >> that is also where it stood on the eve of the race of four years ago. m o'malley says voters are hurting under the recession, but maryland has done better than most dates he says. held on to our job base better than for other states. >> it is about jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs. back on the campaign trail, ehrlich admits he got fired by voters in 2002. he attributes that to problems in washington. today, he insists he is the better candidate. >> that is the message that is going to surround the states, the region, the world. >> he cites things like the so- called walmart cap and regulators he accuses of acting too much like sheriffs. >> what are they doing? this does not help people.
Jul 18, 2010 11:35pm EDT
. and a game against the harris for city islanders wednesday in maryland. a friendly game saturday at the stadium. coming up, a severe thunderstorm warning in parts of every area. our >> severe whether moving through. >> pennsylvania avenue, it is what's out there. a lot of lightning across the area. another shower moving to the north of the district. to our storms can this evening. we will show you what is going on. to the south of us, charles county, st. mary's, a few showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop. the main story across the immediate manager area. live doppler radar. until 12:15. anne arundel county, to baltimore counties. montgomery county, prince george's, no warning to speak of. toward wheaton, parts of silver spring, some heavy thunderstorm activity, but not the severe criteria. take a look at what is going on in terms of these rain totals. impressive. over an inch of rain in bethesda. in germantown, for tens of an inch of rain. heavy strain to the north and east of the seat that will be the name of the game for the overnight hours. satellite radar map for yo
Jul 24, 2010 11:35pm EDT
. maryland lawmakers are trying to block the move. they call the ship an icon and the baltimore port. employes 18 civilians and 60 full time able personnel. >>> coming up, parenthood is not for everyone. 7 on your side with why more women are saying no to having kids. and part >>> a new study finds more and more women are deciding not to become mothers. a recent report from the pure research center look at women between 40-44. women without children rose from 10% in 1976 to 18% in 2008. alison starling looks at some of the reasons why. >> charlie, johnny, and jenny called them aunt and uncle, but terry and jeannette consider themselves the grandparents. mother is not their daughter but a friend of the family and employee. fitzsimmons has spent years developing her interior design and home furnishing business, part of the reason she says she has never had children are grown. >> it never seemed the right time to have children. the career was growing, doing really well. we put it on the back burner. before we know it, i feel like we are too old now. >> at 55 years old, she is among the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3